a start

Beginning, middle, and end. But there is so much more to crafting prose than those three words let on. I've had the idea for this site for a couple of years, having so many first graphs on scraps and in misc Word files. They had potential, but where to go? Then a writing workshop sparked the idea, we all share commentary and writing exercises there, I could share my graphs with my friends/fellow writers, and see where we could take them. It wasn't until I discovered the ease of blogging that I decided to post.

This site is for my friends with hearts full of passion for words. Those who feel unsettled unless they release these thoughts into tactile being.

But as writers, we also carry the burden of being procrastinators. Our houses are the cleanest. Our minds are well-read. And Law & Order and CSI: Miami are favorites because they run 24/7 giving us constant preoccupation from the one task we want to be doing but may not always bring ourselves to accomplish. Unless there is a deadline...Then we are devoted to stress.

You are invited now to return to the fun of writing. Remember your first? The one story that sprang up and whispered to you tenderly and you welcomed the urge to share. Now the tales may be incessant because their voices are not as loud, they have much more distractions over which to speak.

Allow yourself to hear them again. Quiet the mind and enjoy the fun at hand. If you are here, then that is your start. Now make it a beginning.

Each month I will post a first paragraph. Those of you who are authors are invited to post graphs when you are inspired to. Others simply enjoy and comment about the read, or let me know via a comment that you'd like to be an author as well.

Maybe we'll create full stories. Maybe we'll reach dead ends. Who cares! Yes, rest your inner critic and judge and just got for it. Return to the writer within, the one you've always been.

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